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1 Day Taster – Fun Day

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £230.00.

Below is a brief outline of what is covered on a 1-day taster course.

Day 1:

The day typically commences with either a classroom or hill session, featuring introductions to the school, our instructors, and the British Hangliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA). As part of the day course fee, participants become day members of the BHPA, a mandatory requirement for all individuals engaging in paragliding through the association. (This membership includes legal liability insurance, covering participants in the event of claims for injury or property damage resulting from their actions).

Following this, each student is provided with the Student Training Record (STR). This book outlines the exercises constituting the training program, serving as a record of progress for both the instructor and the student. It must be used to track progress in the main section and the log section at the back. The student training record is retained by the school.

The curriculum then covers site assessments, encompassing hazards, airflow, airflow hazards, and weather assessments. The introduction to equipment follows, providing insights into the parts and functions of the canopy, harness, and helmet. Additionally, the session delves into how an airofoil generates lift, daily inspections, and safety techniques, including when and how to apply them.

Through ground-based activities, students are expected to achieve a consistent level of competence in preparing equipment for flight, including inflating the canopy, running with it while maintaining focus ahead, understanding control functions for directional control, initiating turns, maintaining direction, and executing flaring and collapsing maneuvers. Students are then guided to combine these skills for straight ground skimming flights, typically below 5m/15ft ground clearance.

For those interested in continuing paragliding after the day course, the completed day serves as the first day of the Elementary Pilot (EP) course, the initial step toward acquiring a paragliding license. Following the EP course, participants must undergo the Club Pilot (CP) course to join the local flying club and fly without the need for an instructor.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that paragliding and paramotoring involve inherent aviation risks. Despite proper training and equipment usage, aviation-related dangers, including injuries and fatalities, can occur. No claim is made or implied that all potential risks have been identified, and individuals participating in paragliding must recognize and willingly assume associated risks.