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Meet the Team

Chief flying instructor & owner Steve Griffiths

Steve has been soaring through the skies for an inspiring 26 years, living a life that most people only dream of. With an impressive 5000 hours of flight experience tucked under his belt, he is a master at flight.

Driven by a burning desire to take his skills to new heights, he got involved in cross country, advanced glider control & SIV courses,. Between 2001 and 2008 he dedicated time to developing his skills at SIV and glider recovery progressing slowly towards acrobatic flying. In 2010 he started to learn acrobatics. In 2018 he progressed to be a true master of his craft and earned himself an Acrobatic Flying Display license from the prestigious UK Civil Aviation Authorities.

This invaluable experience provided a wealth of experience and knowledge that would ultimately serve as the bedrock of his success. He now passes on this knowledge to clients and runs bespoke glider mastery courses teaching XC (cross country), wing control, pilotage, SIV and acrobatics helping with pilots’ progression and development.

Discover a world of technical expertise and unparalleled guidance, Steve brings a top level of expertise and credibility to the clients. A true master of the skies.

Martin James

Air Experience Instructor:

Martin, a valued member of our team, brings extensive experience and expertise to our organization. Over two decades, Martin has had the privilege of exploring awe-inspiring destinations across the globe. From the enchanting landscapes of Peru and India to the cultural hubs of France, Monaco, Spain, Morocco, and Turkey, he has gained a profound understanding of aviation on an international level.

Within our school, Martin serves as an exceptional Air Experience Instructor. His unwavering dedication and extensive knowledge make him a valuable mentor for our students. Whether he is guiding tandem experience flights or sharing his wisdom during paragliding and paramotoring training sessions, Martin’s contribution is unmatched.

James Toole (Jim):


Jim possesses an unwavering passion for the exhilarating world of aviation. With over a decade of hands-on experience, he has devoted countless hours to perfecting his craft and becoming a true master of flight. His invaluable expertise serves as a driving force behind our esteemed fly guiding service in Morocco, which we proudly extend to our clientele during our exclusive courses abroad.

Based in the magnificent country of Morocco, Jim is truly in his element when he takes to the skies. With an impressive flight log boasting more than 900 hours, he has been a dedicated aviator for nearly a decade.

Steve Davis:

Trainee Instructor

Steve is a very ambitious individual who loves the mountains. He possesses a deep-rooted passion for climbing and that is what brought him to paragliding. He decided after a climb it would be an easier and quicker way to descend. Despite only taking flight two years ago, Steve has already achieved great success in his aviation career. Since obtaining his CP certification, he has effortlessly accumulated over 200 flight hours and progressed to pilot rated, solidifying his status as up and coming. Steve’s unwavering passion to flying and his hunger to learn make him a good candidate for an instructor. Steve works well with the students and we are proud to have him join our team.

Peri Deakins

(General help and driver)

Introducing Peri, a keen individual who, at the young age of 29, is making remarkable strides in his role. With an unwavering passion for flying, Peri seizes every opportunity to take to the skies, radiating pure enthusiasm for the sport. His infectious spirit and delightful personality make him a cherished favorite among our younger clients.

Should you be fortunate enough to join us on one of our unforgettable trips, keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of Peri’s dance moves at the bar. Despite his youthful nature, Peri remains dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, always ready to celebrate and transform each occasion into an indelible memory.

Freya – Frey’zee

Up and coming super star

Freya embarked on her first paragliding adventure at the tender age of 2 months with her dad (CFI Steve) at the St Hillaire flying festival in France. By the time she reached the remarkable age of 1, she had already ventured to destinations in France, Spain, and Turkey.

At the mere age of 4, Freya fearlessly expressed a desire for a tandem paragliding flight. Since then, she has been an enthusiastic participant, making frequent appearances in the realm of aerial sports.

With phrases like “go left” and “pull the right brake,” she effortlessly showcases her extraordinary talent she has picked up from being out on the hill. Later this year Freya will be taking a paragliding course and gaining more experience.

Freya now 13 contributes to the management of our social media platforms and website. enhancing our online presence and building online development skills. .