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Embark on an exciting journey into the world of paragliding with our British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) Elementary Pilot Course. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to become a certified elementary pilot, setting the foundation for a lifetime of soaring adventures in the skies.

Course Overview:

Ground School and Basic Skills:

Day 1: Introduction to Paragliding

  • Welcome and Orientation: Start your journey with a warm welcome and an overview of the course structure.
  • Safety Briefing: Prioritize your safety with a detailed briefing on equipment, weather considerations, and emergency procedures.
  • Theory Session: basic theory on site selection, suitable weather conditions and theory of flight
  • Ground Handling Skills: Learn the art of ground handling, mastering control and launch techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • First Solo Flights: Progress to your first solo flights, putting your ground handling skills into practice with closely supervised take-offs and landings.

Day 2: Solo Flight Progression

  • Solo Flying Practice: Build on your solo flying skills, ascending to higher altitudes, introducing turnes and expanding your flight experience.
  • More Ground Handling: carry on learning the art of ground handling, and launch techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • Flight Planning: Understand the importance of flight planning, covering topics such as route selection and weather assessment.

Day 3: More Solo Flight Progression

  • More Ground Handling: carry on learning the art of ground handling, under the guidance of experienced instructors..
  • Solo Flying Practice: Build on your solo flying , introducing turns up to 180 degree s, landing in a defined area, unassisted take offs and expanding your flight experience.
  • Flight Evaluation: Receive personalized feedback and guidance during flight evaluations, helping you refine your skills for safe and enjoyable flying.

DAY 4:Theory and Exam

  • Lectures: on Principles of flight, essential aerodynamic principles, explaining the forces at play when your paraglider takes to the skies. Understand the dynamics of lift, drag, and gravity, gaining a solid foundation
  • Lectures: on Meterology, understanding basic elements including temperature, air pressure, and wind patterns, basic cloud formations, crucial for assessing flying conditions.
  • Lectures: on Airmanship, Daily checks, pre-flight checks understanding BHPA rules and regulations, what we can and can not do
  • Sit Exam: multiple choice exam

Course Features:

  • Certified Instructors: Learn from experienced and BHPA- certified instructors dedicated to your safety and success.
  • Progressive Learning: Follow a structured curriculum that gradually introduces and builds upon key paragliding skills.
  • Hands-On Training: Immerse yourself in practical exercises, ensuring a thorough understanding of both ground handling and in-flight maneuvers.
  • Safety Emphasis: Prioritize safety with thorough briefings, emergency procedure training, and ongoing supervision.

What’s Included:

  • Paragliding equipment (wing, harness, helmet, etc.)
  • Course materials and manuals

Join the Paragliding Community:

Ready to spread your wings? Enroll in our BHPA Elementary Pilot Course and unlock the potential for exhilarating paragliding adventures. Whether you’re a beginner with a passion for flight or an enthusiast looking to formalize your skills, this course is your gateway to the skies. Secure your spot now and take the first step towards becoming a certified elementary pilot.

EP Course £725 to book now click here